Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Job Perks

One of the best parts of my job (for a fabric-aholic, this could be considered enabling, but that is another discussion) is access to gorgeous, new fabric, hot off the presses.  To get ready to release this darling ORGANIC collection by Carolyn Gavin of Ecojot to the world, 

we needed some sewing done---and, since a certain someone I know was having a birthday, I got right to work:

Love that mug.  Three-year olds not always being the most cooperative of subjects, we had to use what we could get!

This dress is made from the Roller Skate Dress pattern by Oliver + S.  It was my brilliant mother's idea to make it reversible rather than add a lining.  No pattern alteration necessary---even better!!  The pattern was so easy to sew and comfy to wear for the active girl, that I already have another in process---this one with horses, natch.

 And just to prove the point that this is a multi-generational collection, not just a sweet children's line,  infinity scarves for Mom and Nan:

Currently, this collection is only on sale to wholesale customers, but you consumers will be able to get your hands on it before too long---June 2014---just in time to make some beautiful summer items.  In the meantime, stayed tuned to the Windham Fabrics blog for a giveaway before then...maybe you will get your hands on an early batch, like me!!  :)

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