Monday, March 24, 2014

100 Days of Happy

I just read about this challenge here.

I have to say, this is flipping awesome and I am UP. FOR. THE. CHALLENGE.

I am generally a pretty upbeat and optimistic person, but even those of us with sunny dispositions can feel down sometimes (tax time, anyone??)...especially at the end of winter in the Northeast!

What made me REALLY happy this weekend was to document a few of my favorite "signs of spring" around my house and yard:


#2 NEW FOOTWEAR---put those snowboots AWAY!

#3 Kitchen doors open and eat lunch OUTSIDE!

#4 Snowdrops pushing up through the leaves!!!

#5. Sewing up some improv blocks with some Spring-y fabric.  I have no idea where these are destined, but today I am calling them "Spring Windows".

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