Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Quilt for Alma Grace in the Blogger's Quilt Festival

I have to admit, I have been a virtual lurker for a LONG time.  I am so inspired by all the amazing quilts and sewing I see out there in the blogosphere, but then sometimes feel overwhelmed by it all and think there is no room for one more. At the same time, the humanity of everyone's stories is so wonderful and localizing, that I vacillate and wonder...maybe there is room for me...

So, sitting here, in my bed, with my knee up on a pillow (recovering from ACL surgery) as my 4 children race around tormenting my husband, I feel like this could be IT.  I will do it! And I will start by posting a quilt in the festival (ok, typical, I am writing this two days after entries closed!! So, this is a "theoretical" entry!). Here goes...

I absolutely love the idea of an online quilt festival and am so grateful to Amy Ellis of Amy's Creative Side, for organizing this awesome way for the quilting community to connect!

This is a quilt I made for my niece, Alma Grace, for her birth October 29, 2006.  It remains, to this day, one of my favorite quilts I ever made.  I used prints and solids from my stash including some favorite Kaffe Fassett prints and stripes.  The colors were inspired by her fall birthday: greens, oranges, browns, yellows.

I love the way that the "Chevron" design came out in the final quilt layout.  At this distance in time, I am can't even remember if I knew that is how it would end up, but I do remember being really happy about it!

To quilt it, I used a great tool made by my original quilting teachers, Bob Silverman and Jim Helms, for making "fan" quilts.  You can find Bob, Jim and the tool here. Tying off all those threads at the bitter end was a lot of work, but it paid off---the back looked great!

Thanks for looking, and get yourself over the Blogger's Quilt Festival site to see all the amazing quilts that have been shown.  Truly, inspiring!


  1. Nell - this quilt is AMAZING! seriously, how can you possibly be making things like this?? incredible!
    How is your family doing? How is the knee? Good to see you - I didn't know you were blogging!

  2. Hi Breida,

    Thanks! Note the date: I made this when I had 1 child. But seriously, this is my sanity. Would love to get together with you in person sometime to talk blogs! Thanks for reading!


  3. nell! it's our favorite quilt (ever) too!!!! it's so special, and we love it so much!