Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sound Sculpture at Storm King


On a recent beautiful spring day, we pulled into the parking lot of the Storm King Art Center to have a family outing and were silenced by the all-encompassing sound that surrounded us when we opened our car doors:

Being in an awe-inspiring landscape dwarfed by monumental sculptures is enough of profound experience, but the sound added another layer to the whole day, as it rose and fell depending on our relationship to the taller trees or the fields. I knew many people around us were experiencing the cicada invasion, but for some reason they are not near our house, so this was the first we had actually been in the midst of it and it was WILD!  

My first view of a cicada mid-molt:

The self-proclaimed "Cicada Whisperer"
Cicada earring
Storm King Art Center is one of my favorite family outing destinations, it is a place we come back to again and again.  We recently celebrated Henry's 8th birthday and during this visit my mind went trolling down memory lane to when we took some sweet baby photos of a boy now SO big!   It is amazing the joy and change that 8 years can bring. We tried to re-create this picture in front of Isamu Noguchi's "Momo Taro" for kicks:

Henry and Mom ca. 10/2005

Henry and Mom ca. 6/2013


A brave, happy and kooky kid, Henry has become the leader of this family tribe and he holds his position with honor.  

To cap off our spectacular cultural day, he performed that night in his first tap and jazz recital:

I am so proud of this amazing young man. Congratulations and thank you, Henry, for all that you have become. We are blessed to have you in our life.

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