Thursday, March 31, 2011

Baby Knits

Oh, how much fun it is to knit for a baby!  And, so fast!  My mom came up from Florida to meet her first granddaughter when she was 2 days old.  When she returned to see her again at 3 weeks, she came bearing the most darling dress and sweater/hat/booties set.  My mom is my inspiration when it comes to all things knitting.  But me, on the other hand, I need more time to get these things done, so I did plan ahead a little.   Here is our new little button, Mira Hope Honeybee, wearing the (my first every completed) sweater I made for her while she was a bun in the oven.  I put the “rose” buttons on after she came out!  And she lays on a gorgeously soft blanket made by my mom.

Not knowing I was having a girl (but having a feeling), I decided to go ahead and knit a little dress anyway.  I had three goals in mind: to knit something in white, something knit from the top down in one piece and to use cotton yarn.  I used the Versa pattern by Shannon Passmore I found on Ravelry.  (By the way, I LOVE Ravelry!)  The pattern is very flexible in that you can make a shirt, tunic, or dress.  The way it was written and organized confused me at first, and I wanted to use two colors of yarn which she does not specify in the pattern, so I did have to go forward and back a little bit, but once I got the hang of how the pattern was written, it was smooth sailing.  Here is the result:

I may still add an embroidered flower or two on the front, I haven’t made up my mind yet.  The cotton has a nice feel and drape to it, but it was definitely not as smooth to knit with as some of the nice merino I have been using to make a vest for myself (more on that later).
Of course, for some reason, everyone tells you how fun it is to dress a girl.  But, really, they are right.  Look at all these cute baby girl knits (blue dress and orange/pink sweater from Nan).

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  1. Miss Nell, these are amazing! I'm finally sitting down to read your blog and I love love love it! Everything about it but especially the photos! Loveliness!